The cenote is very characteristic of the Yucatán peninsula.
The ground of the Yucatán Peninsula is extremely porous and easily absorbs water… which causes the erosion of it, causing the formation of cavities, caves, caverns, whether partially or totally flooded. The cenote is formed when the ground above the underground cave collapses, by the effect of erosion.
An ancient Mayan ritual place, the Yucatán Peninsula is said to have no less than 7,000… of which only a minority has been explored and is known to this day.
The Mayans consider the cenotes like an entrance to their underworld.

Come and discover with us these mythical and exceptional places in the heart of «Xibalba».

Costs of different trips Cenotes: on demand

1Appointment at your hotel then we leave towards the cenotes

2Arrival at the cenote, explanations & briefing.

3Equip yourself for your first immersion

4Take a short break, a snack is offered

5Get ready for your second immersion

6After your two immersions, a lunch is organized before your return to the hotel.